Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Wrath of IKE

Really....who would believe that the remnants of a HURRICANE that hit South Texas would find it's way to the midwest and Ohio?? After last Sunday & the week that followed...I am a believer. Sunday afternoon delivered Ike to us with a bang. We experienced sustained 70+ MPH winds for about 6 hours. The girls & I drove home from Dublin watching in disbelief as trees were snapped & I had a death-grip on the steering wheel. When we arrived home, we found a home without power and minus some siding. We spent the next few hours watching our neighbors homes lose various pieces, parts, trees, etc. We joyfully ordered a pizza as the power did not return.

As day became night, it became obvious that DP&L had bigger & better things to we scrambled for flashlights & candles and warned the kids about opening the fridge. When the next morning brought more of the same, it became apparent that this might be something we were going to live with for a while.

Four days later, our power was restored. All-in-all, life without power was a small "inconvenience". We got just a small taste of what the people in Texas & Louisiana are still living thru and our hearts & prayers go out to them. We were blessed with friends who opened their homes for laundry, lights & Sunday night football!! We were creative in cooking on the grill and we gave the fridge a much needed cleaning!

May we remember to always help our neighbors in need and be thankful for what we have. I think the kids will remember this week for a long time to come...

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shark265 said...

Wow Columbus Dayton and Cincy got things worse than we did in Waverly. We didnt lose power so we had to finish watching the Bengals game that afternoon. It was torture. On a serious note I hope thing are back to normal. Take care Howards.
The Fish Family