Sunday, August 30, 2009

School Begins

I was sad to see summer come to an end this week....

We started school on Wednesday. Grant started 7th grade @ Bunsold Middle School and Shelby started 5th grade @ Creekview Intermediate. Libby will start preschool in two more weeks! It was a crazy busy week with new schools, new schedules & new "wake up" times! :-) Everyone survived and I think we've gotten into a routine. Grant is playing middle school football and hockey this year. Its pretty hectic right now but he's really enjoying the chance to play football with his friends from school. He had his first hockey game of the season this weekend as well. As usual, he is making us proud on the field (or ice)!

Everyone leaves the house at different times this I didn't get a chance to take the standard 1st Day of School pictures...but here are some from Friday night when the kids were getting ready to go to the 1st High School football game of the year.

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