Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grant turns 13

Grant turned 13 this September. This fall has been more chaotic than most. Between trying to juggle three school schedules, practice schedules for hockey, football & cheer--I forgot to document this momentuous occasion.

The day Grant was born was undoubtedly one of the happiest of our lives. It was Friday, the 13th. The doctor even asked if we wanted to "wait" for the 14th to arrive before he was delivered via c-section. It was 11:45 PM when he came into this world. We knew from then on that Friday, the 13th was a lucky day for this family.

Grant, We Love You & Hope that your 13th year is wonderful in every way!

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TheKidsMom said...

Aahh, look at that little boy, and that big boy! Wow, Gina, can you believe we have teenagers??